The SS13 will be Mundi´s 13th official collection. The SS12 and AW12
were both premiered at the Paris Fashion Week. For the New York
Fashion week last fall he created an installation in EVA, NYC. The
label is on sale in stores all over the world, e.g. IT in Hong Kong
and EVA NYC. MUNDI Boutique in Reykjavik has been open since 2009.

Hallgrímsson has a unique way of mixing art and fashion and has the
ability to make wearable clothing that crosses boundaries, scandalizes
and amazes.

MUNDI label, established in 2007, is the creation of Icelandic prodigy
Gudmundur Hallgrímsson (aka Mundi), born in 1987. Hallgrímsson was
accepted at a very early age into the Graphic Design department at the
Icelandic Art Academy as an exception to the rule. Since then he has
been busy with all kinds of art and design and has exhibited around
the world. As an artist, among his many career highlights include his
collaboration with Austrian performance group Gelitin at the Venice
Biennale in 2007, 2009 and 2011 and a collaboration with Kling and
Bang at Frieze art fair in 2008.

Hallgrímsson started to design clothes by happy accident at the age of
19 after doing a graphic design project for the Icelandic Phonebook
using Icelandic wool to make a pattern used on the cover. This gave
him the idea to transform the pattern into big hooded sweaters. His
Spaceman wool sweaters were a huge success and Hallgrímsson became the
first Icelandic designer ever to sell his clothing at Icelandic high
fashion store KronKron that carries items from the likes of Vivienne
Westwood. His first collection was launched in Paris Rendez-Vous
showroom where he became known for his unique style.  Collection 2007
was catwalked at Copenhagen Fashion Week. During 2010 Paris Fashion
Week Hallgrímsson launched his first short film The Rabbit Hole that
received much attention. He is now working on his second short-film.
He took part in the Nordic Fashion biennale in 2009 and in 2011.

Hallgrímsson is now 24 years old and one of the best known designers
and artists from Iceland. He has been covered by many of the major
design and art media.