Art and Project Director

The Icelandic Reykjavík/Berlin-based artist and filmmaker Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir

Gudnadottir has extensive experience as a project manager and in project organization and production in various fields. She has curated a few exhibitions and is the founder of the  residency DIONYSIA. She has worked for the  exhibition department of the Reykjavik Art Museum.


Project producer

Berlin-based Júlía Björnsdóttir 

Björnsdóttir has experience in project production in the field of music, literature and visual arts. She has worked on production and coordination for cultural public institutions as the world music venue Global Copenhagen and the North Atlantic cultural house in Copenhagen, which represents Greenlandic, Faroese and Icelandic arts and culture.  She has as well worked on various independent low budget creative projects. Björnsdóttir has a MSc in Management of Creative Business Processes from Copenhagen Business School.


Project producer

Berlin-based Gudny Gudmundsdottir

Gudmundsdottir is the co manager of Spott Box creative space in Berlin for designers and the director of the renowned Icelandic Chamber Music Festival. Gudmundsdottir is the manager of award winning SKARK string ensemble. She has extensive experience with leading low-budget creative projects.


Curator for Icelandic handcrafts

Thingeyri based Janne Kristensen

Kristensen is the owner of Simbahollin, a historical house in the village of Thingeyri that has been renovated and turned into a café/handcraft center in the area. She was the Programme coordinator of the last Reykjavik International Film Festival and is hosting the DIONYSIA residency programme 2011.

Curator for Greenlandic handcrafts

Reykjavik based Joseph Marzolla

Visual artist and electronic music composer Joseph Marzolla has in the last few years been trading with Greenlandic handcraft and Inuit hunter´s skins both in Kulusuk, Greenland and in Reykjavik. Marzolla’s art has been inspired by the beautiful artifacts to such an extend that he has now incorporated it as ready mades in his art work, creating new sculptures and thus adding to the meaning and context of Greenlandic crafts. Marzolla´s work has in the last couple of years made appearances in Paris, Belgium, New York and Los Angeles and been represented by e.g. PPOW gallery New York at the Miami Art Fair.
Marzolla´s other professional experiences include being a  hiking guide in Greenland and in 2003-2005 he was the artist on the board of the gallery Public in Paris, curating and organizing the gallery´s day to day activities.