Bibi Chemnitz


The SS13 will be BIBI CHEMNITZ 10th official collection. The SS12 and
AW12 were both premiered at Berlin and Copenhagen. The label is on sale
in stores all over the world, e.g. in Above in Berlin, Pixie Market in NYC
and Fashion Victims in Napels.

BIBI CHEMNITZ was founded by Greenlandic Bibi Chemnitz and
Danish David Røgilds in 2006. Bibi Chemnitz designs and creates their
own unique style from their workshop BIBI CHEMNITZ in Aarhus,

BIBI CHEMNITZ combines Scandinavian street-couture and
Greenlandic tradition to give a fresh new look. BIBI CHEMNITZ is fast
becoming an internationally sought after label that is stocked
in exclusive stores in most of Europe. The last two seasons BIBI
CHEMNITZ has been showcasing their collection a the the Berlin Fashion
Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week.