Barbara i Gongini


Barbara i Gongini is an award winning fashion designer from the Faroe
Islands that has been making collections since the mid 90s. The label
runs two collections of womenswear Barbara i Gongini and The Black
Line and thus produces four lines a year. The Black Line is the more
commercial of the two collections and will be represented at the
dottirDOTTIR project.. The label is made for sale in exclusive

Barbara i Gongini is highly regarded among fashion professionals and
has been a member of several adjudicating committees. Her design is
considered to be at the leading edge of the trade. The pillars of the
label are sustainable growth that allows for high level of innovation
and quality.

The label aims to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual
approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the
setting for the visual motive in the design. The collections are dark
and mysterious dominated by free flowing silhouettes of wool, cotton,
and leather in black and charcoal. Barbara i Gongini is an active
participant in the Nordic art discourse always working
interdisciplinary in close collaboration with other artists in film,
music and photography. This collaboration in turn nourishes the design
process itself, especially the Barbara i Gongini collection.