Anori Art Collection

Models: Palu, Dube, Michael and Tina.
Location: Nuuk in April
Photographers/stylist: ZiZi
Mette Lynge, a local of the capital town of Nuuk, started to collect Greenlandic handcrafted art back in the 90s. She was the first one to show interest in purchasing a large collection and marketing it for its beauty and worth. She has become an expert in Greenlandic handicraft and owns the largest collection in Nuuk outside museum. She runs a little shop in Nuuk where visitors can enjoy her private collection but also buy rarities and more common handicraft. Mette has the respect of local handcrafters that now come to her with their latest carvings.

For the dottirDOTTIR pop-up shop curators Joseph Marzolla and Hulda Ros Gudnadottir travelled to Nuuk to handpick few items from Mette Lynge Anori Art Collection. The selection consists of items from master crafters that have become a legend and impossible to get a hold off and also more popular carvings that have become more ‘trendy’.

Crafters include Karolus Johansen, Samuel Korneliusson, Kristian Skifte, Kristian Kristofersen, Jakob Petrusson, Karolus Petrusson, Anders Sakæussen and Finn Möller. There are also few glass bead necklaces by Helga Kleist and HansSigne Rasmussen.


For the pop-up shop we have also included few handcrafted pearl bead necklaces from East Greenland that the curators managed to find.